Friday, August 22, 2008

Dr Karl was joined yesterday in his regular Thursday slot on radio station Triple J by Michael Shermer.

As you would expect with the founder of The Skeptics Society on the show topics such as the recent Bigfoot find, the Moon landing hoax, and the World Trade Center conspiracy were brought up pretty quickly.

Even though these topics have been around for a while there are still plenty of believers out there. For that reason it's always interesting to hear someone like Shermer talk about them, you never know what new arguments and points of logic you'll pick up. Every idea helps when debating and discussing hoaxes with believers, or more importantly with people who are undecided on such matters. They are usually far more receptive to a logical argument than a true believer who sees facts and science as part of the big cover up.

They covered plenty of other topics as well so have a listen if you get a chance. An
MP3 of the show is always available to download for a couple of weeks.

Michael Shermer is in Australia at the moment for National Science Week, go and see him speak if you have the opportunity.

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