Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Channel Ten News just had a story about the Manly council proposing a ban on bottled water. Apparently bottled water has a bigger 'carbon footprint' than tap water. I think this is a superb idea and not in any way retarded. Next we should get rid of cars because they wear larger carbon shoes than bicycles and follow that up with the abolition of long pants in favour of more environmentally friendly shorts and kilts.

Does the Ten Network show stories like this to try and discredit environmentalists? Instead of talking about science and facts they go for the 'oh look at what the crazy greenie said this time' angle. Making it harder for scientists and environmentalists to get serious points across.

Yesterday they had a story with Federal Minister for Agri
culture, Fisheries and Forestry, Peter McGauran. He was again stating how much he hates wind turbines. From this story I learnt that wind farms only produce about 8% of their capacity, are very noisy and nobody wants them built anywhere near them. I'm surprised he didn't pull out the one about them causing epilepsy.

Combine that with his past claim that wind farms don't generate any measurable amounts of electricity and I'm starting to wonder if a windmill killed his pa
rents and he's harboured a deep resentment of them ever since. Or perhaps he actually believes these lies.

Maybe he should stick to the sheep, fish and trees and leave everything else to the grownups.

So, is it the fault of the media for showing these idiots without providing any facts to allow viewers to learn the truth of the matter. Or is it the fault of the idiots for being idiots and talking shit about things they know nothing about?

Look out McGauran, it's got a taste for blood and it's coming to get you.

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