Saturday, February 04, 2006

Last week one of the competitors at a mexican bullfight, the fat one, got a bit excited and leapt into the crowd. Several of the spectators were injured before they eventually killed the bull.

It seems a little hypocritical to attend a bloodsport and then complain just because the blood involved happens to be your own. I think audience participation is what has been missing from bloodsports. Imaging it, kickboxing where there is a chance the fighters will smash you in the face if you get a bit too vocal. Cockfights where corn is sprinkled throughout the audience so you never know if you'll have your shins raked off with a set of spurs.

It seems a shame to kill the one creature present that isn't a violence hungry fucktard. I hope they kept plenty of semen so they can breed up a new generation of revolutionary bulls to continue the protest against stupid passtimes.

Hang on, bullfighting is a tradition. Must be okay then.

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