Monday, March 06, 2006

It seems like the more work there is to do the harder I work on pointless tasks. Back when I was drinking my way through university I hated cleaning my house, but given an exam to study for, or an assignment to finish, I'd be scrubbing the shower and mopping the kitchen floor quite happily. What is it about deadlines that suddenly makes the pointless seem so attractive?

For the last few days I've been working on some code in my spare time to solve a puzzle my uncle lent me. I borrowed it from him almost a year ago. Nobody he'd shown it to had been able to solve it, nor had he had any success. I told him I'd have a crack at it. Of course as soon as I attempted to solve the puzzle I was distracted by some pointless crap. Now that I'm loaded up with other projects I find myself wasting time solving puzzles.

If I could work out some sort of rotating schedule perhaps I could distract myself into actually getting some real work done.

Here's a picture of the Last Piece Puzzle solution just to prove that I really did do something in the last ten years besides drink. If you'd like to licence the code used to solve this puzzle to help you stack boxes more effectively in your warehouse please send cheques or beer.

Last Piece Puzzle

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