Monday, February 06, 2006

Watching television today I saw an advert for 'A Current Affair'. On an upcoming show they have a story about the illegal use of disabled parking permits(permits for disabled folk, not people that can't parallel park).

One of the lines thrown out to catch the viewers attention was "does this person look disabled". Their point was that abled people are using disabled permits to get good parking spots and avoid paying fines. They do, however, seem to think that you can tell who is disabled simply by looking at them.

I think ACA should stick to bogon neighbour disputes, where you can get the cheapest groceries and all the pseudo-stories that are really thinly veiled adverts. Leave the journalism to those with at least half a brain.

I hope lots of idiots get out and start confronting the people using disabled parking permits. Better to hassle disabled people than risk letting someone park a bit closer to the shops than you.

This reminds me of a story on Triple J's Hack. They spoke to a young lady whose brain had been injured in a car accident. She is on a disability pension and has a concession card for public transport. Because she doesn't look disabled the stupid cunts that sell train tickets have confiscated her concession card several times. They must have some top training.

I think the obvious solution is some sort of forehead tattoo for disabled people. That should guarantee they aren't accidentally mistaken for normal people.

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