Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still on iridology from yesterday. I was reminded of a question I've asked, but never received an answer to, on a few iridology blogs and forums. The question: How can iridology and iris recognition technology both exist?

The two concepts are mutually exclusive. Iridology relies on the iris reflecting changes in the body. Iris recognition relies on the iris being stable in appearance.

I can buy an iris recognition access control system from companies like LG or Panasonic. It will work. I could buy some iridology books and charts, stare into peoples eyes for fifty dollars a session and tell them lies. It won't work.

If the iridologists were smart they'd redefine the scam. Claim that the iris doesn't change but that because of quantum all of a persons maladies are fixed in their iris during gestation. You have to keep your scam fresh or you'll never make the big bucks. It's not science if it doesn't have quantum.

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