Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Errrr, no I mean Netherlands don't I. I always get those two mixed up.

In an attempt to stop annoying people by prattling on about the World Cup I've decided to blog about it instead so people can opt in to my inane drivel.

Quick recap on what has happened so far: Best match so far was Sweden drawing with Trinidad and Tobago, great effort from such a small nation to keep such a strong European side from scoring.

Team that looks best so far is the Netherlands, they should go a long way with their high level of control and precision.

Most unexpected result was Australia's 3-1 against Japan. I thought a draw was the best Australia would be able to muster but they played at a higher level than I thought them capable of.

Recap of 12th June
Australia 3-1 Japan
Japan ran out of wind towards the end, they have speed but lack height and moved well overall.
Australia got off to a loose start and conceded a goal that should have been disallowed through interference with the keeper. Took them a while to get organised but they kept up the pace for the full ninety minutes and moved the ball well. Late substitutions sent them into an attack that Japan couldn't stop.

USA 0-3 Czech Republic
The USA are out of their fucking league. They look like a team that has read about football but never seen it played. Just couldn't get any real attacks together.
Czech Republic have solid teamwork and create plenty of chances on goal and have the ability to finish off. Strong and consistent.

Italy 2-0 Ghana
Italy have plenty of style and flare when they play. Strong defense and lots of firepower up front.
Ghana exude raw talent but seem to lack the discipline needed to finish off what should be fairly easy chances. They break with exceptional speed though and if they can get their shots on goals worked out they will be much harder to defeat in their next match.

Tips for 13th June

Korea Republic v Togo
Both teams have fairly new coaches. Togo lacks world cup experience whereas Korea performed well last time around. The African nations we've seen so far have certainly displayed flair but have lacked the discipline of the Europeans and haven't been able to convert a lot of their opportunities into goals. The question is can Togo's natural flair overcome the Koreans controlled play. Given that Australia managed to thrash Japan I think Togo have a chance over Korea.

France v Switzerland
Should be a hard game but I think France will hold out for a one goal victory.

Brazil v Croatia Draw
Both excellent sides and likely to be the toughest game so far. I think there is a very high likelihood of a draw between these two sides.



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