Monday, June 05, 2006

It's bad enough that people are so fucking important and busy that they need to keep in touch every second of the day with their mobiles and annoying wankie talkie style push to talk bullshit, but now it seems that people are so busy they can't even take the time to look at the things they purchase.

I'd like to cite three examples, hardly a rigorous scientific study but if the television networks aren't going to let facts get in their way I don't see why I should be restricted.

Recently a customer tried to return a bottle of ginger beer because it had 'bits' in it. Instead of looking at the writing on the bottle their first instinct was to complain, forcing me to read the label to them like they where three. Explaining that the yeast sediment was quite natural. Hmmm I'm not sure if I should draw a comparison to Sparkling Ale or thrush here?

The second example comes from that beacon of journalistic integrity Today Tonight. A while back they had a shocking report that exposed the evil that is the chocolate biscuit industry. Some witless bint bought a packet of tim tams. Scotch and coke flavour I think they were. Upon arriving home she was shocked to discover that the packet contained two less biscuits than the regular tim tams, even though they where the same price. Gee I can't imagine why a fancy flavoured gourmet tim tam would cost more. The packet clearly showed the number of biscuits it contained but she claimed this was a scam perpetrated by the biscuit manufacturer to prey on those people too busy to look at what they are buying. Cos fuck, who's got time to look at things these days. I hope her kids have peanut allergies.

Just found this moron selling tim tams on eBay. How odd. Never been eaten apparently, that's good. I wonder if the ones that he has eaten cost more or less.

The third example was kindly provided by my own father. Having listened to his sooking about the grey spots on his jar of asparagus for ten minutes I was forced to point to the section of the label that explained that these where natural deposits caused by the reaction of the vinegar with the salts in the asparagus. Or course by this time it was too late and the asparagus was in the bin. Wasteful twat.

What I'd like to know is why do so many people think complaining is the first step to take when something doesn't meet their expectations? Why not read the label or the manual or take a moment to think things through?

Writing manuals for a living must be fucking rewarding work.

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