Thursday, March 09, 2006

There is a place in South Australia that claims to have the worlds largest rocking horse. Only problem is the thing doesn't rock. So is it a rocking horse or not? I say it isn't and these clowns should be fined for false advertising.

Every few years, I assume it coincides with the printing of the latest guiness book of retards, the commercial stations run a 'news' story about the person with the worlds longest hair. It's always such a heart warming story, how the idiot in question washes it once a year in a washing maching and how the local villagers all come to pray to it to heal their goats. These people never actually have long hair. They have manky dreadlocks that might measure twenty meters long but that is like claiming you've got the worlds largest sheep because you have a ball of wool that is fifty meters long. Wash and brush these morons hair and I'll bet you won't find a strand longer than two metres. But I suppose 'hair of average length' won't sell copies of the guiness book of tards.



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