Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Petrol prices are constantly on the increase, will they ever come down? Not bloody likely.

If the price will never come down we can either shut the fuck up and pay the price, ride a bike to work or catch a bus, oh no can't do that, that's for the poor. Imagine being seen on a bus instead of in your shiny six wheeler. Or we could move away from petroleum based fuels altogether, oh hang on can't do that either, that's for the hippies.

But wait, stepping through the clouds of exhaust fumes and the crowds of angry motorists comes John Howard with a plan to save us all. What will he propose, free public transport? Subsidies for hybrid vehicles? Massive investment in biodiesel and ethanol production and the conversion of existing vehicles to the new fuels? Electric cars perhaps?

What, LPG? Isn't that just going to just shift the problem? Won't the fuel companies just start charging more when more people start using it? How does that help all the truck drivers with diesel engines? Ohhhhh, I get it, you offer two grand to people to convert their cars to LPG and they just remember that you gave them two large and forget that you didn't do a damn thing for the environment or for Australia's future. Sorry, I keep forgetting, votes are more important than clean air.

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  • Hmm doesnt half reek of a $3,000 baby bonus to keep the dumb breaders in the voting loop either...

    It's a win win. Johnny gets his votes and Costello gets his "one root for the country".

    By Anonymous finch, at 23 August 2006 at 6:17 pm  

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