Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stuck at home with the flu this week I've been watching a few shows that I would normally not see. The real gem was a small segment on Kerri-Anne's show.

Kerri-Anne had a gent called Don Tolman as a guest. He had an impressive hat and moustache combination going on. His schtick was all about the mighty natural goodlyness that is fruit and vegetables, or 'whole food' as he preferred to call it.

I was amazed to discover that food that resembles a part of the body has health benefits for that portion of our anatomy. For example bunches of grapes, looking so much like a heart, are good for our arteries. Avocados with their strong resemblance to ovaries are obviously a magic potion for all sorts of fertility issues. Sadly he didn't have time to cover bananas or kiwi fruits, how disappointing.

The absolute peak of the segment was the revelation that stone fruits can cure cancer and have been used by many cultures to completely eradicate cancer from their society. Of course this information had been covered up by the evil governments and pharmaceutical companies who only exist to keep us sick and weak.

I was a little bit skeptical but it could just be because I'm a simple minded puppet of the multi-nationals and a slave to my brain washed beliefs, i.e. medical claims should be tested and proven, fruit isn't magic, a crap hat and tach doesn't make you a doctor.

This sort of shit annoys me more and more. He calls himself a 'food medicine expert', which is like my local greengrocer calling himself a gastroentorologist. Stick the word medicine in there and maybe a few suckers with cancer will shell out for a copy of your book, good scam you quack.

I'm not a regular viewer of Kerri-Anne's show, because it's so crap, but I'm pretty sure I could watch it every day for a good ten years and still not see a single segment that wasn't based around a product they are trying to flog.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tonight a girl came into the shop and asked me if I could watch her bike for a while. I pointed out that I was working so I couldn't watch it all the time but said I'd keep an eye on it.

I was busy, Fridays always are, but I made sure to have a peek out of the window every few minutes to make sure nobody was strolling off with her bike.

About half an hour later she came back, got on her bike and rode off. She didn't bother to come into the shop and tell me that she was taking her bike. If I hadn't seen her take it I would have assumed that her bike had been stolen.

Was this silly bitch rude or am I just easily annoyed? If you ask someone to watch something for you it seems to me the polite thing to do would be to thank them for making sure your property wasn't stolen.

Perhaps I'm just getting older and starting to realize how shit the younger generation is.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

While having a laugh at the ridiculous posts on some perpetual motion sites I came across a bloke who managed to scam another poster out of a few thousand dollars. This probably wasn't that hard as the targets of the scam are all gullible folk who think they can build a magic generator with a few magnets and a bike wheel.

The scammer convinced his target to buy him computer equipment and a shed all on the promise that he had a perpetual motion machine that needed just a little bit more work. Shortly after this the scammer was banned from the site. The free energy types don't like anyone that shakes up their fantasy world.

Although he was banned there are always more marks out there just waiting to hand over money for empty promises. I noticed that he has moved to another forum and started putting out a few feelers. I'm not sure if I should sit back and watch the scam unfold and enjoy it for its entertainment value, or if I should warn the gullible twats that they are being played.

Maybe I should respond to him and pretend I'm interested in his scam, that could prove interesting.

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