Friday, August 29, 2008

I saw an interesting product on television this week. The Derma Wand. It makes you look all pretty if you rub it on your face. The technical specs are non-existent on the sites selling the devices. As far as I can ascertain it's basically a vibrator.

It claims to oxygenate your skin, which confuses me because people spend hundreds of dollars on creams and moisturisers containing anti-oxidants. It also has no source for this oxygen, which could be why it is called a wand, because it would have to be magic to actually work as claimed.

It can shrink your pores, get rid of the sags and the wrinkles and the lines. I think a better bet would be to just stop fucking with your face so much. Stop poking at it and smearing so many ointments on it. It's not helping.

If this device does have any effect I'd bet you'd get the exact same benefit from a simple face massage. Plus you have the benefit of not wasting a few hundred bucks.

this YouTube video a woman mentions that she likes to take it home and give herself some "critical attention every day". So it could actually be a covert way for shy housewives to buy themselves a vibrator.

But then maybe is does work, after all, would an esthatition lie?

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  • You're a funny fella. I like that, a covert vibrator sale. Very well could be, lol!

    Thinking about the wand though, I share the skepticism, I wonder how can this thing possible oxygenate the skin?? Is it shooting oxygen into the skin?? Must be a scam.

    Then I read that it vibrates, and it does make sense. The body sends oxygen to areas that are being stimulated by change. That's common sense. Just massaging skin tells the body to send more oxygen to the area. Pinch your cheeks. The redness is nutrients and oxygen increasing isn't it?

    So I get the rant on it. I wouldn't be buying a wand to do this. The logic is sound however. No magic. No con. Maybe just a lazy way to something inherit.

    All the best, Bobby

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6 June 2009 at 7:37 pm  

  • Thinking about this further, I think that its sold as being magical, when the logic behind it is purely stimulating an area, and to not say that, that to me is a one way ticket to inviting heavy criticism. Then again, we don't really complain when we buy a pill like paracetamol which seems like an inferior version of bicarb soda packed in a pill. Nobody can patent bicarb though & its just a few dollars to buy a bag of the stuff. Not much of a commission there for doctors to endorse it along with most stuff. Just like the wand company, they can't make much moola out of telling you to pinch your skin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6 June 2009 at 7:42 pm  

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